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Komodo Dragons in Palmitos Park, visit the reptiles

Komodo Dragons in Palmitos Park, visit the reptiles

Komodo Dragon

It’s the first example belonging to the first generation raised in captivity in Europe and, in particular, Spain.

It belongs to the lizard group, and it’s the biggest of the species reaching 3m in height and weighing some 90kg.  It comes from the Islands of Komodo, Rinca and Flores, in Indonesia.  It’s a meat eater and uses its venomous bacteria charged saliva as its main weapon and it is capable of killing large mammals in little time.  Its teeth are sharp and serrated.  It has a great sense of smell and spends hours following the trace of its prey thanks to its forked tongue which serves as a nose capturing particles suspended in the air.



Caimans Lake

Here you can see close up the greatest swamp predators. Caimans are four footed reptiles very similar to lizards.  They spend a great amount of time in the water.  Owing to their anatomy, they are capable of both opening their mouth and swallowing under the water without drowning. They are as incredible in their interior as their exterior!

The Spectacled Caiman, Californian Turtles, and the Gran Canaria Giant Lizard – an endemic species characteristic of Gran Canaria –   live in perfect synchrony in our lake.


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