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A unique garden with thousands of exotics plants and butterflies

A unique garden with thousands of exotics plants and butterflies

The House of Orchids

Orchids are known as aerial plants because they never actually touch the sky. I bet you never knew that? The biggest collection of Orchids in Gran Canaria is found in this space.  A great garden composed of tens of Orchid species proceeding from tropical areas and…attention!…subsoil Australia.  They are all land flowers: through their leaves they can store small quantities of food and water which allows them to grow in almost any environmental condition in the world except the Arctic. They can live between 50 and 70 years.


The Cactus Garden

Hundreds of distinct species, some of them more than 4m in height.

Cactuses are xerophytes or xerophilous plants. They are plants that have had to modify their physiology in order to store water to be able to face periods of more or less prolonged drought.

Cactuses have had to protect themselves from animals that inhabit their environment in search of food and water. They protect their stems with the appearance of spines.  At the same time the spines reduce the temperature between 10 to 15C.



House of Butterflies

The biggest in Europe.  Hundreds of butterflies flying free.

It’s the biggest butterfly venue in Europe and in it you can see hundreds of butterflies flying freely.  In this house of original guests, visitors remain fascinated by the fluttering of cheerfulness and colour travelling through the air.  As well as this, you can appreciate the different phases of the life cycle of the butterfly, from the chrysalis up to the moment of Emergence.  An unrepeatable experience full of emotion.


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