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Dolphin Display

Enjoy the Dolphin Display where the animals demonstrate their agility, potential and intelligence. Agility and coordination tests, lots of rhythm and a touch of humour await you at Palmitos Park.  You’ll discover many interesting aspects about the morphology, customs and interaction of the dolphins with the trainers.

The dolphinarium is open 365 days of the year and there are 2 daily displays. The displays have a marked educative and pedagogical character permitting visitors to understand the dolphins’ characteristics and behaviour better and the threats they face.

Timetable: 13:30 y 16.00h

Birds of Prey Display

The spectacular setting blends with the majesty of these animals. Eagles, Falcons, Barn Owls and various species of Vulture along with other Birds of Prey species perform air acrobatics in free flight. Some can reach up to 230km/h nosediving.  The display gains even more intensity by the visual strength of the setting

Palmitos Park amphitheatre is situated in the highest point of the mountain surrounded by unbeatable panoramic views.

You’ll be impressed!

Timetable:  11:30 and 15:00

Parrot Display

Endless acrobatics in these displays full of colour. A nice performance by Cockatoos and Parrots showing their ability and intelligence.  There will be an explanation in various languages concerning the type of birds performing, where they come from and their habits before the display.

Timetable: 10:30, 11:30, 14:30, 15:30 and 16:30

Exotic Bird Display

A rainbow in full flight. Hundreds of different colours flying freely high above the sky of Palmitos Park.  Marabous, Cranes and Kookaburras are some of the birds that interact with the public in this display over a setting with incomparable views.

Timetable: 14:30

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