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Learns about exotical birds on Palmitos Park zoo

Learns about exotical birds on Palmitos Park zoo

Interactive Cage

A botanical garden permitting close interaction with majestic Flamingoes, Ibis from South America and Africa, Spatulas and much more.  Vivid colours of difficult to find species in a setting of exuberant vegetation where the birds can fly freely.



Cage of Lories in Free Flight

An aviary full of colour where you can enjoy close up the flight and behaviour of these attractive birds proceeding from Oceania and close relatives of Parrots. Lories are found on all branches in the aviary.




Toucans live in the jungles of South America and they feed on fruits that they obtain from the branches thanks to their large and light beak.  They nest in the hollows of trees.  The clutch consists of 2 or 4 eggs.




The Hornbill is the species less well known to the general public and the most interesting and varied in Palmitos Park.  They come from Africa and Asia, characterised mainly by a casque found on the upper mandible. The park carers make sure they receive their daily tasty diet of exquisite fruits and succulent insects.  At Palmitos Park we have a wide variety of these birds: Wrinkled Hornbill, Great Hornbill and the Silvery Cheeked Hornbill.



Pelican Lake

A very diverse family: Pelicans living alongside Storks.  Question…

Do you know why Pelicans have that great big beak so well known to the species?

Well, it’s because their inferior mandible has a bag incorporated that functions like a net with which they capture and immobilise their prey.  Interesting – Right!




The Australian Emu is the biggest Australian bird and the second in the world behind the Ostrich, at more than 1.5 metres in height.  These birds are very quick and can reach 50 km/h although they can’t fly. They feed on vegetables.  Their reproductive custom is very curious; it’s the males who fully dedicate themselves to incubating and protecting the eggs.


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