Online Tickets:

For how long are the tickets valid?

90 days from the date of purchase. (Except for those that at purchase it specifies a shorter expiration).


Can I use the tickets the same day of purchase?

No, the tickets are valid the day after your purchase.

In the case of tickets been purchased between 23.00 and 00.00 hours, one more hour will appear in the tickets due to the Canary Islands and Madrid Server time difference (+1 hour), tickets will be valid the day after of purchase Canary Islands timing.


The same name appears in all the tickets?

The name on the tickets is not important, but it is important to buy the correct price rate according to age. For this, the department of admission to the park may request a passport or Spanish ID to each person when considered. If it is not shown, then the height criteria using meters will be applied in effect of admission control.



How can I request the refund of tickets online?

If the tickets once purchased, are downloaded or printed, a refund request can only be made upon expiry date has been reached. Tickets will be verified that they have not been used before the expiry date. For this you must request a refund, once tickets have expired, through this page and with the email you used to purchase them.


Canary Islands residents reduced price:

What document do I need to enjoy reduced prices for Canary Islands residents?

To enjoy reduced prices for residents when buying tickets online or at the park ticket office, each visitor must present the original ID that shows where they reside in the Canary Islands.


Activities with dolphins

How can I reserve my place for extra activities with dolphins?

Booking in advance is not possible, once inside the park our team will inform you about the activities and you can reserve your place on site.

The activities we do are “The Encounter” at the edge of the pool and “The Experience” inside the pool (not swimming). The entrance to the park must be purchased separately, it is not included.

These activities have limited places, so we advise you to arrive at the park’s opening time 10:00h

For “Experience” activity, children must be taller than 110cm.



Can I bring food inside the park?

You can bring your own food and drink, but not in glass containers. Due to current regulations, any type of glass containers inside the park is prohibited.


Are there restaurants or coffee shops in the park?

We have several restaurants and coffee shops with a wide variety of dishes and drinks.