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Educational programs and workshops in Palmitos Park Zoo

Educational programs and workshops in Palmitos Park Zoo



Educational-Interactive encounters with dolphins

These extraordinary Programs consist of a direct approach to the wonderful world of Dolphins for all those who wish to know more regarding the life and biology of these fantastic animals.

An unforgettable experience in direct contact with the dolphins and their trainers exclusive for reduced groups of participants.

The price of the Encounter is 60€ per person. Price is independent of the entrance fee and it is essential to be a visitor of Palimitos Park in order to make a reservation, subject to availability.

Direct contact with the Dolphins.

Booking is essential within the park, and subject to availability. (In order to guarantee your place it is recommended to make your reservation at the park at 10.00am)

Various daily programs, reduced groups

Duration is approximately 30 minutes

Reservation and payment must be made exclusively within the park. Credit Cards are accepted.


Education Program

Included within the offer at Palmitos Park is an educative program for schoolchildren of all ages, because we believe that the challenge of environmental education requires hardwork and a compromise by schools and other non formal cenrtres, and society in general.

There is always something new to learn at Palmitos Park and our objective is make understood the importance of the existence of biodiversity and its conservation to the pupil and to the public in general because we are convinced that you don’t respect what you don’t know.



Visiting Options

Open visit: permits visiting freely, so that it is the teacher who leads the group during the tour of the park

(includes a general tour through the park and attendance at displays and shows)

Workshops: in this option the pupils, with the help of a monitor, carry out an activity to be chosen from the following:

Workshop – Dolphins

Workshop – Environmental Enrichment

Workshop – Blue World Aquarium

Workshop – The World of Plants

Reserve your visit (contact form link)

To make a reservation click on the following link or download a reservation form and send it to us by fax:

Booking request


Nursery education (3-5 years):
Primary Education (6-12 years):
Secondary education (13-16 years):
Passenger Adult (16 years +):

These prices are valid until the 30/06/18.

For more information
Education Department Tel: +34 928 79 70 70 Fax: +34 928 79 70 45
E-mail: [email protected]

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